Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Possibilities of Hospitality Industry in Nepal

Nepal is a rich country in natural resources, culture and tradition. There is a geographical diversity in Nepal. Nepal is a country of Mount Everest, birth place of lord Gautam Buddha, country of diverse culture, tradition, garden of different castes and religion. Every year thousands of tourist come to visit Nepal and enjoy the real life.

Tourism board of Nepal is also concious about this matter.They are also organizing different programm to attract tourist. Recently they organized Tourism Year 2011 and it was successful. Many hotel industry has came to Nepal to provide home away from home environment to the guest. Now there are many hotels, resorts, Guest house, lodge to provide facilities and services to the tourist.

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  1. Now-a-days hotel industry more increase day by day. Its great information about hospitality in nepal. Different type of hotel provide luxury facility to the tourist.

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