Wednesday, October 31, 2012

About Nepal

In the southern part of giant continent Asia there lies rectangular tiny kingdom squeezed between two huge populated countries China on the north and India on the south, is the country called Nepal-the world of its own.The land of 
contrast is ostensibly the exact way to define the topography of Nepal for you will find maximum world’s topmost highest peaks soaring high up above the clouds striving for God’s abode. Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Daulagiri, and Annapurna and many more are there to offer the mountain-lovers and adventurers.
No wonder after viewing the panoramic views of everlasting snow-covered mountain ranges if you find yourself not far below (within a day’s distance) busy taking close-up photos of Royal Bengal Tigress prowling in the dense tropical forest along with one-horn Rhinos, Gharials, Crocodiles, and many endangered vertebrate mammals and reptiles amidst the friendly people of natives that is consist of colorful 36 ethnic groups.Thus it is not unusual to bask round the snowy peaks in the early morning and take warm shower under tropical sun with distance cover by your own on-foot journey within a day. Also the land is blessed with everlasting peace and tranquility. So for the reason Lord Buddha was born here. According to Hindu relic (Ramayana) Sita (wife of King Ram) was also born in this particular place. These ancient and medieval relics are still well preserved and full of lives. When you witness, every wall speaks itself. That is why many visitors can’t help themselves gasping, and trying hard to retake a gulf of air to gulp down as the breathtaking views almost took their breath.

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